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BEGUM TAIYEBBA (1873–1921)

Begum Taiyebba was a reformer and educationist. She is credited with being the first Muslim woman graduate. She was born in 1873 in Hyderabad and went to school with the eminent poet Sarojini Naidu. While the latter was able to work on an all-India level, Taiyebba was basically restricted to Hyderabad. But she did a lot of work in her own style, which is remembered even today. In 1901 she established the Lady Hyderi Club and later with Rokeya (q.v.) and others in 1916 the Anjuman-i-khawatin-e-Islam. She worked for education of girls, especially those of the Muslim community. She wrote Anwari Begum, a novel, and a book on Indian folk songs. She undertook relief work during the floods in 1908. Till her death she was involved in women’s education which she felt was of paramount importance.
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