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INDIRA SANT (1914 - 2000)

Indira Sant was a poet in Marathi. She was born Indira Dikshit and grew up in southern Maharashtra. She studied at Rajaram College in Kolhapur, and Fergusson College in Pune where she met and married Narayan Sant. He died a decade later, leaving her with three children. She taught at a teacher’s training college in Belgaum and wrote children’s fiction. In the 1950s she focused on feminist poetry describing the hardships of wives, mothers, and daughters, beginning with Shela (Stole, 1950), then Mehndi (1955). Her style is in between the modernist and the romantic traditions. Her son Prakash is also a writer in Marathi. Her younger sister Kamla was a writer also. In 1984 she received the Sahitya Akademi Award for her work Garbhareshami. Her collected memoirs are titled Mrudgandha.
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