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HOMVATI DEVI (1906 -1951)

Homvati was a Hindi writer of short stories and poet. Born in Meerut on 20 November 1902, and became a widow at a young age. Her four story collections are titled Dharohar, Swapanbhang, Apna Ghar and Gote Ki Topi. Gote Ki Topi ran to several editions. The Hindi film director Kishor Sahu tried to make an unauthorised film on her famous story ‘Sindoor’ but she did not allow him to get away with it and sued him for infringement of copyright.

Homvati depicted the social injustice inflicted on women and their silent fight against it. Most of her heroines belong to the middle class and are sensitive to their social limitations, but nevertheless they represented the new women who questioned social restrictions and began to ask for their rights. This heralded a new era in Hindi literature. She is now regarded as a pioneer storywriter in Hindi. After her death the famous Hindi writer ‘Agyey’ paid a tribute to her by dedicating one edition of the Hindi magazine Pratik to her memory. She also wrote two poetry collections, Udgaar and Ardhi.
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