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BINA DAS (1911–1986)

Bina Das was a revolutionary and freedom fighter. She was amember of the Chatri Sangha revolutionary society. Her parents, Beni Madhab Das and Sarala Devi, were idealistic and politically aware. After the 1928 session of the Congress Bina joined a circle of revolutionaries whose leader was Bhupal Bose. In 1932 she catapulted herself into history by attempting to shoot the Governor of Bengal, Stanley Jackson, at the convocation where she was to receive her degree. She missed, was caught and sentenced to rigorous imprisonment. Some years later, in 1941, she became the secretary of the South Kolkata Congress Committee, and in 1940 accompanied Gandhiji to Noakhali. She was a member of the West Bengal Legislative Assembly from 1946 to 1951. She married Jyotish Chandra Bhaumik. She wrote of her time in politics in her book Srinkhaler Jhankar (The Rattle of Chains).
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