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Report Release: Innovative Practices for Care of Elderly Women in India on 5th August 2016 at Constitution Club of India, New Delhi

Over the past few years, Stree Shakti, along with HelpAge India, UNDP and other organizations has held five conferences on aging. With the help of UNFPA, Stree Shakti selected nine institutions with considerable experience in this field, and chose fifteen researchers to study and document the best practices being implemented.

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Stree Shakti felicitates the first woman President of India

This year (2008) we had the proud privilege to meet the Hon'ble President of India Smt Pratibha Patil.
A delegation of ten members met with the President to seek her support for three projects –
• A chain of Women Centers (Struggling for space),
• Equal Opportunity commission and
• Sashakt hi Surakshit ( Mission Prahar ).

According to a recent survey, over 54% of Indian women face violence. Stree Shakti is supporting Mission Prahar which provides defensive training to women. The President of India welcomed the ideas and reasserted the need to work at the grass-root level. Hon’ble Minister for Poverty Alleviation and Urban Development Kumari Selja was also present during the visit.

Alliance for 33% Reservaion

The Women’s Organisations of the country for over a decade jointly or separately have been raising their voices demanding tabling of the Women’s Reservation Bill. While separate actions do not project weakness or disunity, women organisations to project a united stand had formed an Alliance to keep the issue of 33% alive and moving forward till it reaches fruition.

This Alliance which is an umbrella group cutting across religion, caste, regional lines, and ideologies held a “demand meeting” at Mavalankar Hall at Constitution Club, Rafi Marg behind RBI Bank. on 4th May. This demand had participation of about 1000 persons from the Alliance Partners.

Stree Shakti supports the Women of Nandigram

“There has been a total failure on the part of the administration, law and order have ceased to exist in Nandigram. After the last incident on the 10th of November,2008 though peace has been restored forcefully with the help of the bullet, hooligans are still rampant at Nandigram. Many women have been raped, cases of arson and untoward incidents are still going on.”
This has been reported by, Streeshakti’s Vice President Dr.Purobi Roy, who has recently made two consecutive visit to Nandigram and is in constant touch with the women of the area. Dr. Purobi Roy visited the villages of Nandigram, like Sonachura, Tekhakli, Adhikaripara Satenga bari. She distributed the relief collected by Stree Shakti and Divya Chaya Trust for the Nandigram victims such as blankets, saris, chaddars, tarpolins and other food items. 73% of the women population affected are from the minority community. The fear and the mistrust still prevail.
Stree shakti hopes that Nandigram regains its normalcy soon.

Stree Shakti – A partner of a Program of the Global Peace Initiative of Women. Making Way for the Feminine: For the Benefit of the World Community

Stree Shakti is a partner of A Program of the Global Peace Initiative of Women. Making Way for the Feminine: For the Benefit of the World Community Creating the Platform for Global Transformation in a conference held at Jaipur from the 6th – 10th March 2008. Stree Shakti believes that only a global shift in consciousness will enable us to meet the challenges we face – the uncertainties of climate change, the depletion of natural resources, the economic and social inequities that create so much human suffering, the tension and violence that threaten the world community. A change in our awareness and behavior can transform each of these conditions and lead us to a greater state of well being as a global community. The feminine forces of healing, love and compassion can help us move from separation and division to greater unity; connecting us to the oneness that is the underlying principle of life, leading us to ahimsa (nonviolence) and satyagraha as the way to living peacefully with ourselves and each other, helping to set in motion a new global dynamic. The feminine forces can create the space for this transformation and can guide us through a time of transition to a more peaceful and holistic way of living. Manifesting in women and men, the feminine can be the vehicle for inner and outer transformation.
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